Sunday, September 12, 2010

The One About the Thing

Well, as usual, I spent my summer vacation being vacant.  Which is not to say that I wasn't working on things that could be called music.  At any rate, after a longish pause I have a new tune up.  It's about man's struggle for identity in an increasingly impersonal, mechanized world.

No, it's not about that at all.  At least, I don't think it is.  It IS about a very important subject though, which is why I worked extra long on the lyrics, to make doubly sure my message was not missed.

The song is called The One About the Thing.  I know, I know, a little obvious, but I felt that in this instance it was important that I be blunt and to-the-point, you know?

The One About the Thing (2.8 MB mp3) <-that's a direct download link.
(I know, it's past time I joined the modern age.)

Friday, August 06, 2010

Puh-leeze Buy My Stuff On Ebay, part duh

The second chapter in the immoral saga of me selling a bunch of my stuff.

Next up was a Yamaha guitar.  I would like to thank the lone Ebay user who bid on this, though they didn't give me four or even three squadrillion dollars for it.

Actually, chapter thee passed by last week without me remembering to post here.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Puh-leeze Buy My Stuff On Ebay

Part One of probably a lengthy series.

Oh well, the auction came and went, and the high bid fell well short of the forty-three skazillion I was hoping for. 

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Word for Today is "Incongruous"

Here's a brand spanking new recording. You can also think of it as a brand new spanking recording if that's your thing. I don't judge. Work has been very slow lately, which is bad for the bank balance but good for you, the music lover. Next I need to fix up a couple of my guitars, and hopefully sell them on ebay, which should be good for both my bank balance AND you, the music lover.

The title of the song is Chien Ex Medusa, which is Latin for "hide the chickens".

Just now, typing the word "incongruous", I was reminded of a scene from Firefly that had the line "She's had congress with the Beast" which naturally led me to "incongruous with the beast". Somehow there's got to be a song in there. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, this song is my tribute to both Jerry Lee Lewis and Quentin Tarantino. So you know what you're getting going in. Or maybe not. The reality is that I wrote the original thing way back when, including a truly horrible set of lyrics. Stumbling on the remains of it recently in yet another defective MIDI file, I decided that musically it was good but the lyrics had to go, and what better way to replace a deadly serious set of lyrics than with an equally deadly, but non-serious set?

Aside from a few backwards hi-hats, all the "drums" in this tune are recordings of slamming doors.

Chien Ex Medusa (2.73MB mp3) download from MediaFire


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Completely Out of Season

Here's a song I wrote in, I think, the 1990s. I had been working on a version with the recording setup I was using at the time, but I can't even find those tapes, let alone having to deal with the moisture damage like with my other old recordings as chronicled ad nauseam in previous posts. (Yes, it really is spelled nauseam, not nauseum. No, I didn't know either.)

December Comes November Leaves is, as you might guess, about December coming and November leaving. Now, you might think that may lend itself to a certain air of, shall we say, mind-numbing melancholy, and you might have been right if you weren't talking about something written by me. Not being one for moderation, I decided to blow past melancholy town and head straight for maudlinville.

The recording procedure was complicated a tad by the fact that all I had from my earlier work on the song was my fabulous memory and a highly defective MIDI file I'd managed to rescue from the clutches of the ancient Atari ST computer I was using back then. I was also missing a copy of the lyrics. I could only remember about half of the verses, and you know that dumb guitar solo? The electric guitar is playing the melody of the vocal part of the bridge. I have no idea what the lyrics were any more, so the guitar gets stuck with it. I suppose I could have sung "doo doo doo" in lieu of lyrics, but lets face it, my vocals generally end up sounding like "doo doo" and belonging in the loo, so count your blessings. That's almost 30 seconds of me not singing.

You're welcome.

You can still hear a touch of the old MIDI file data, in that thing that sounds somewhere between a harpsichord and a toy piano. Everything else was replaced with either new MIDI programming or something played for real, like the bass part. Speaking of basses and parts, this is the first time I've used my little friend in a recording, and I am happy to report that it plays and sounds very nice for a junky piece of crap.

December Comes November Leaves (3.57 MB mp3) download from MediaFire

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Scraping...I mean Walking, the Bottom- NO! The Floor! Yeah, the Floor.

Another recreation of one of the stupid songs I recorded in the early 1980s, and the tapes were destroyed by moisture blah blah boilerplate blahbiddy blah see the earlier posts for details.

Walk the Floor tells the time-honored story of person A who is sulking but won't tell person B why. This song is NOT autobiographical - for one thing, I actually enjoy documentaries - but on the other hand I have, on many occasions, walked on floors.

I tried so recreate the lovable stupid primitive charm of the 4-track original, but what can I say? I don't do lovable any more. The keyboard part was originally played on my wife's cheesy Casio. I tried in vain to find a close approximation of it. This will have to do.

Walk the Floor (2.71MB mp3) download with MediaFire

Friday, March 12, 2010

The myeck page: new home, same old stuff

A note from the editorial wee:

"The myeck page, home of myeck's excessive extensive family history, his own tragic life story (tragic in the sense that he was allowed to live), Ingebeeld Neef's short-lived UFO journal Keep Watching the Skies, and myeck's stupid audio page, has been forced to relocate. You can now find the entry page at unless you don't have Internet access, which I feel is unlikely.
Thank you."