Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Word for Today is "Incongruous"

Here's a brand spanking new recording. You can also think of it as a brand new spanking recording if that's your thing. I don't judge. Work has been very slow lately, which is bad for the bank balance but good for you, the music lover. Next I need to fix up a couple of my guitars, and hopefully sell them on ebay, which should be good for both my bank balance AND you, the music lover.

The title of the song is Chien Ex Medusa, which is Latin for "hide the chickens".

Just now, typing the word "incongruous", I was reminded of a scene from Firefly that had the line "She's had congress with the Beast" which naturally led me to "incongruous with the beast". Somehow there's got to be a song in there. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, this song is my tribute to both Jerry Lee Lewis and Quentin Tarantino. So you know what you're getting going in. Or maybe not. The reality is that I wrote the original thing way back when, including a truly horrible set of lyrics. Stumbling on the remains of it recently in yet another defective MIDI file, I decided that musically it was good but the lyrics had to go, and what better way to replace a deadly serious set of lyrics than with an equally deadly, but non-serious set?

Aside from a few backwards hi-hats, all the "drums" in this tune are recordings of slamming doors.

Chien Ex Medusa (2.73MB mp3) download from MediaFire



WNivek said...

... Huh.

That's about as much of a response to the song as I can formulate.

Just... huh.

In a good way, though.

myeck said...

Huh? As in, "Huh huh...he said formulate! Huh Huh"?


I got nothin'